Basketry, bark and plant fibres

Wed 21 - Thu 22 Aug


Learn about the amazing versatility of tree bark and plant fibres on this 2 day course with Nadine Fox Grundy. You will weave yourself a beautiful, functional basket that can be used for foraging, as a plant pot or anything else you would like to put in there!

This course will delve into the abundance of materials that are all around us. Nature has so many plants that can be woven such as horseradish, nettles, tree bark, bramble, iris leaves, dandelion stems and so many more. Nadine will show you how to identify, harvest, process, store, then how to prepare the fibres for weaving,

You will use a base of willow bark to make your basket and Nadine will take you through how to coppice willow poles and how to process the bark ready for weaving. The rim of the basket will be made from split Hazel and the handle can be wood or plaited plant material or cordage.


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