Forging – hook tools

Fri 4 Oct


Turning bowls on a foot powered lathe has been around since Roman times in this country and so have the tools that produce them.
At Vindolanda, the Roman museum, Matt your tutor was shown the core of a bowl left over from its turning over 2000 years ago, it had tool marks on it just the same as those left on the ones made to this day.
The technology of the tools as well as the lathe has not changed either, they are exquisitely simple in their design, yet contain many subtle features, depending upon the task at hand.
On this course you will be taken through the entire process of making your own hook tool. From initial rough forging through to heat treatment and on to final sharpening, each stage will be demonstrated and explained. You will walk away with both a handled, fully functional tool for turning your next bowl and the knowledge with which to make more.
The forges run on charcoal and sharpening is done on foot powered grinders. All tools and equipment are provided. No previous experience is required.

Your tutor Matt Whittaker has been teaching green woodworking to children and adults for 25 years, His particular passion is bowl turning and the manufacture of the tools for turning.

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