Forging – small items

Mon 3 Jun


Blacksmithing has been around for nearly 3000 years in this country and ever since we discovered how to turn rocks into workable metal it has been held in some awe. Although we won’t be making our own Iron on this course we will be experiencing the thrill of heating metal to 800 degrees and then hitting it with a hammer to change its shape into something useful in our everyday lives.
On this course you will be introduced to basic blacksmithing techniques such as drawing out to a point, peening and punching. All of these will enable you to make items such as coat hooks, fireside pokers and toasting forks.
The day will start on the charcoal forges making simple items to get your skills honed and then will move on to the larger more involved projects. Each step of the way will be demonstrated and explained to allow you to take home several finished items. No previous experience in blacksmithing is needed.

Your tutor Matt Whittaker has been teaching Blacksmithing for 25 years, the thrill of lighting the fires to make functioning, usable items has never dimmed.

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