Sharpening day

Thu 22 Aug


Spend a day learning how to properly sharpen your tools – otherwise known as the most useful course you’ll ever do! We’ll spend the day grinding, filing, sanding and sharpening all kinds of tools. In the wood we’ll have oil stones, water stones, diamond stones, honing paper, files, grinding wheels and more…. We’ll have plenty tools to sharpen but we’d love you to bring your own tools out and learn how to get the right bevel, sharpen and hone your tools to razor sharpness. As we all know a sharp tool is safer and makes the job so much easier.
As we all know, a sharp tool is safer to use, uses less effort and gives a better finish. In the wood we’ll have grinding wheels, files, oilstones, diamond stones, water stones, ceramic stones, sharpening guides, all to try out but bring along your own sharpening implements and learn how to get the best out of them.





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